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Welcome to the Rise of the Wandering King wiki!

This is a largely home-brewed campaign using as our core rules the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game. I say “largely” home-brewed as several modules from various sources will be employed as launching points for many adventures and avid fans of Tolkien will detect a certain Tolkienesque flavor to some of the races and cultures.

This is cover page contains the links to the various pages covering such topics as Character Creation, Background Information, Maps, etc!

Table of Contents

Player Character Information

Character Creation: This page has the basic instructions for creating a character in my BFRPG Rise of the Wandering King campaign.

Races: A description of the playable races in this campaign.

  • Dwarves: A more detailed treatment of the Dwarven people.
  • Elves: Descriptions of the three Elvish races.
  • Half-Elves: A description of Half-elves in the campaign.
  • Halflings: A brief discussion of the various halfling groups.

Main Page

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